SITEK offers a wide range of reconditioned production equipment, including but not limited to SEMITOOL Wafer Rinsing and Drying (SRD) equipment, as well as the spare parts required to maintain such equipments.

Having more than 20 years’ experience in SRD SEMITOOL, the company refurbishes, repairs the systems and the sub-assemblies, and supply all the spare sparts for this type of equipments.

Whatever is the model you have or would like to purchase, SITEK can provide a Spin Rinse Dryer at the best cost and configured for your cassettes and wafers.

All the systems are sold with a 1 Year Warranty, and spare parts with 3 month Warranty. Sitek also supplies a wide range of refurbished and second hand equipments.

SEMITOOL Spin RinseDryers (SRD’s) – Equipement

From 270-S SRD (Spin Rinse Dryer) to be placed on workbench to the 880-S “Dual Stake” equipped with 2 process chambers, SITEK supplies all SEMITOOL models, fully refurbished and tested in real conditions.

All the SRDs supplied by SITEK are CE certified by external laboratory.

All the systems are configured to your application and your cassettes. If needed, SITEK is also able to provide solutions including cassettes for your substrates, masks or wafers, and rotors for those cassettes.

All the systems are delivered with a 1 Year Warranty.

Semitool Spin Rinserdryers (SRDS) – Spare Parts
  • Seals and O-Rings, all dimensions
  • Brushed or brushless or Motors ( depending on models, new or refurbished)
  • Front windows, all sizes
  • Controllers for all models of SRDs
  • Heating elements, new for all models.
  • Valves for N2 and DI water.
  • Static Eliminator, Model CY-20 for all models ST, S, F.

Semitool Spin Rinserdryers (SRDS) – Services

Sitek is also your best partner to repair, refurbish, maintain and upgrade your systems and sub-assemblies.

With more than 20 years’ experience in this field, SITEK is THE specialist in SEMITOOL SRD systems.

  • Repair of all controller models for SEMITOOL SRDs
  • Refurbishment of brushed or brushless motors.
  • Balancing of rotors for any wafers, masks and substrates.

SITEK also supplies and refurbishes other sub-assemblies such as :

  • IDI CYBOR Photoresist et developer pumps
  • CYBOR controllers
  • MILLIPORE photoresist pumps