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PERITEST is pleased to say that it has obtained its ISO 9001 : 2015 CERTIFICATION

One of the major components of ISO 9001 Certification is customer satisfaction and securing the missions carried out. PERITEST’s ambition is to reaffirm that its customers are at the heart of its organization to satisfy them more and more, listen to them and be proactive in meeting their expectations.

Are you looking for device handling, temperature forcing, wet cleaning or refurbished equipment ? Test sockets, dockings & accessories ? Do you need regular, reliable and expert maintenance ? Spare parts to improve efficiency or to repair a malfunctioning machine ? Peritest offers quick response and fast results. You can rely on our 27 year’s expertise & our extended product knowledge. Call us on +33 4 80 80 70 10

Front end equipment
Back end Equipement
Spare Parts

Our company

1995 – CREATION. Peritest is created by Jean-Claude Bonnetto. He starts his representing of our partner COHU, with whom we still work 27 years later !

We quickly became one of the leaders in Brands Representation and after-Sales services in the Semi Conductor industry.

Some of our customers who trust us are : ST Microelectronics France, Europe & International, Lynred, Airbus Defense, NXP, Schott, Thales, Safran, 3 SP Technologies, Texas instruments and many others …

2002 – EVOLUTION. Charles Clauss joins PERITEST and becomes Jean-Claude Bonnetto’s sole partner. Thanks to its recognized technical skills and its network, he expands the range of products offered by PERITEST and develops our address book.

2019 – INNOVATION. We take part to the innovative project of B4C Cleaning (Components megasonic and wet high pressure cleaning equipment). We offered our services and became partners, a project made possible thanks to our Team’s technical & commercial skills !

2020 – EMOTION. Charles Clauss leaves us on September 4th. We often think of your enthusiasm, your skills, your love of technique and things well done, all those things that you transmitted us. Thanks for always !

2021 – QUESTION. With the pandemic, we had to extend our services offers and our know-how.

We decided to answer our prospects urgent needs, which were : 
1/ Maintenance and equipment follow-up (even if not set up by Peritest.)
2/ Supplying spare parts and/or equipment repairing (even if not set up by Peritest.)
3/ Technical trainings made on site for FSE teams.

Thanks to the our Technicians expertise and experience, we remain your pre and pro sales support, a “multi-services partner” (close to Grenoble, Geneva, Lyon & Italy). We make these services available in all Europe. Ask us for conditions !

2021 – LOCATION. For easier access and need of expansion, we moved into new premises, right in the heart of the industrial area of ​​Chambéry (see photo on contact page).



Mr Bonnetto et toute l’équipe PERITEST ont le plaisir de vous annoncer l’obtention de la Certification ISO 9001 : 2015, norme internationalement reconnue qui garantit que nos services répondent aux besoins de nos clients grâce à un système de gestion de la qualité efficace.
La décision de PERITEST de travailler à l’accréditation ISO 9001 : 2015, témoigne d’une volonté d’améliorer continuellement nos services. Pour se conformer à la norme ISO 9001 : 2015, la Direction et l’équipe PERITEST a passé un audit complet à l’échelle de l’entreprise comprenant le développement du système de management de la qualité, un examen de la documentation du système de management, un audit préalable et une évaluation initiale. Aucune non-conformité n’a été identifiée lors de l’audit, et certains points “forts” ont même été soulignés pour servir de référence dans de futurs audits.

Nous avons été audités par l’AFNOR le 05/10, et le certificat nous a été remis le 14/10/2022.

Our team

We would say that we are an enthusiastic team ! We like what we do, work hard, are close to our customers and try to take up all “challenges” to enable them to carry out their projects.

Our motivation and dynamism are based on a “Company Culture” that is not afraid to evolve and this gets our team’s subscription. That is what we ask for, when we recruit new people. 

Please call our assistants on 04 80 80 70 10 for all your inquiries, or send us a message on our contact form that you will find here.
We’ll come back to you, as quickly as possible.

Our expertise

We provide you with quality support for pre and pro sales, for the following :

  • INSTALLATION & FORMATION : CLEANING EQUIPEMENT (Spinners, rinser dryers, megasonic cleaning)
  • INSTALLATION & FORMATION : CHARACTERIZATION & ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT (Temperature forcing for components under test, Test sockets, RF…)

Our service before and after sales

We are known and recognized for almost 30 years for the quality of these services. Our responsiveness to act and our ability to adapt the equipment offered to our customer’s applications, are our strengths.

Your local quality support

In the heart of France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany areas, we have easy access to our customers, offer responsive support with quality as a point of honor.

Dedicated resources

For the installation, training and maintenance of the equipment offered. Our support relies on our suppliers who are chosen for the quality of their products and their ability to meet the needs of our customers.

Global solutions

We are able to adapt the equipment offered or provide global solutions to meet the applications submitted by our customers.

Our brands and partners