Temperature forcing equipment

New generation equipment !

The equipment developed by our partner Mechanical Devices are new generation of standalone equipment, allowing the temperature forcing of devices mounted on a card or on a socket, wafers and substrates between – 75 ° and + 220 ° (depending on the configuration). The operating principle is direct contact and without any external input, allowing a temperature stability <0.3 ° C, and an extremely fast rise or fall in temperature of the device under test (DUT), even on devices with a very high heat dissipation, up to 400W @ -50 ° C

Heat being transferred only to the DUT casing with a dedicated adapter, only the DUT is brought to temperature, the surrounding area remaining at room temperature.

Mechanical Devices, specialised in the development of temperature forcing systems, has entrusted us with the exclusive representation of these products in southern Europe.

Mechanical devices advanced thermal solutions

We are at your disposal to provide you with all the information on this equipment. Let’s meet in order to study the applications you would like to submit to us.

Main specifications of Mechanical Devices equipment :

  • Standalone equipment for the production of heat and cold temperature range -75 ° to + 220 ° (depending on the equipment chosen)
  • Cooling power : up to 400W @ -50 ° C
  • Different thermal heads available depending on the application
  • Excellent temperature stability : <0.3 ° C
  • Adaptable to all types of device packages either on a socket or soldered onto a board
  • Test platforms (chuck) up to 8 “(200mm).
  • Frost control during cold temperature test.
  • Possibility of controlling the surface or junction temperature.
  • Easy to use via 7“ front panel touch screen
  • Remote operation: drivers available free of charge for Labview, Matlab, C ++, Python, etc.
  • Small footprint
  • Easily transportable and integrable in a test environment.
  • Can be adapted to specific workstations, depending on feasibility.

A wide range of accessories allows the coupling of Flex-Tc and Max-Tc equipment with all our customers applications :