Our partner Turbodynamics offers a complete and innovative range of test docking and accessories for testers, handlers and probers. In addition, they have solutions for the positioning and exchange of probe cards and load boards, as well as trolleys for the transport and positioning of these cards.

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Do you want to adapt a Tester to a Handler or a prober ? An accessory would allow you to handle your interfaces or your equipment safely and more easily ? Contact us so that we can study your application together and offer you the solution that best meets your expectations.


For wafer test or final test.

The docking systems developed by Turbodynamics are renowned around the world for their patented clamping technology which provides unrivalled reliability and positioning repeatability.

P-Dock pneumatiqueDirect DockingF-Dock (Mécanique)


Turbodynamics offers a complete range of docking plates for handlers such as :

  • Adjustable docking plate
  • Docking XL (adjustable in  Z axis)
  • Docking with X-Y movement
  • Interface Board Changers HA

Plaque de docking universelle XL

Main specifications :

  • All brands and types of handlers, Vertical and Horizontal
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to operate
  • Precise and repetitive adjustments
  • Pre-positioning for easy docking
  • Head can be moved by one person
  • Quick and flexible settings to interface with different testers using the same docking plate
  • Compatible with all OEM docking testers
  • Intelligent guidance concept
  • Adjustment of the Z position, as well as in X and Y


Prober without pogo tower
The P-Dock® module from Turbodynamics is the ideal solution for direct docking between Tester and probe card (without pogo tower).
Its compact size and exceptional repeatability, combined with very stable clamping, makes it the ultimate docking system. The equipment is available for most probers and testers. They are ideal for upgrading existing equipment.


The heart of Turbodynamics technology lies in the patented P-Dock® clamping module. It provides the greatest clamping force on the market with over 1000Kgf (at 10bars).

The patented and maintenance free clamping principle, thus retains its accuracy over time unlike with other principles such as cam and slide systems which are subject to wear out.

The system does not require any maintenance, even after several years of use. This makes it the system with the best ROI on the market.

Docking pour testeurs


Turbodynamics also offers a full range of accessories for handlers such as :

Interface card changers for fast and secure replacement of test cards on the handler.
Loadboard stiffeners compatible and suitable for most testers, handlers and probers.
Manual card changers for probing. Allowing easy, precise and reliable positioning of probe cards on probers.
Plates for probers and insert rings.
Standard plates and rings or adapted to your needs.
Pneumatic feet for handlers and probers. For easy movement of equipment.