Storage systems – Thanks to the probecard storage and handling system developed by Turbodynamics, it is now possible to handle and store probecards and loadboards in complete safety.

Its modular design allows for different capacity requirements and wishes that can be configured for 30, 64, 98 and up to 132 storage location. The system can be integrated into existing rooms for central management and storage of interface cards.

In addition, Turbodynamics trolleys are unique in their construction and allow effortless and safe transfer of probecards between the storage location and the prober, or maintenance area.

The same set can also be used for the storage, management and transport of LoadBoards to testers and handlers.

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Main specifications :

Structured management and storage.
Secure handling and storage of expensive interfaces
Cleanroom compatible
Effortlessly relocating heavy interfaces
Efficient use of floor space
Designed for versatile use
Reduced workforce
Hands-free process
Human errors excluded
Universal interface support for different sizes / types
Industry 4.0 ready

Peritest is the Turbodynamics representative for France. For more information, watch the video below.