E.C.La specializes in the design & manufacturing custom-made laboratory equipment. Based near Grenoble, E.C.La has produced, in over 10 years, more than a 100 pieces of equipment in diverse and varied fields, such as microelectronics, surface treatment or cosmetics. They act wherever chemical protections must be put in place. Their equipment is intended for companies operating in all types of sectors : from cosmetics to food industry, including aeronautics and space. They also supply prestigious research centers such as the CNRS.

All equipment is CE certified, guaranteeing the reliability and safety of all of their products. This guarantee of quality is essential, as their equipment is often intended for areas in which high technicality is necessary. Whether it is for clean rooms or chemistry equipment, E.C.La manufactures products that meet the strictest standards.

Whatever your project, and thanks to this partner, we will support you from the expression of your needs, from the edition of specifications, during the feasibility study, all the way to the set-up of your equipment. Custom-made is not necessarily more expensive and really meets your needs !

E.C.La has experience for all your processes, particularly micro-electronic ones such as :

  • coating / development / lift-off / stripping / development of photosensitive resins
  • acidic wet etchings (HF / HCl / H2SO4 / etc.) and also basic (KOH / NH4OH / etc.)

An adaptability  that allows you to meet all your requirements, in multiple areas ! E.C.La has many achievements to its credit for clients from various fields. Here are some examples :

  • Design of a set of latest generation laminar flow hoods for a photolithography and wet etching application

  • Complete installation of a fume hood with its extraction system and automatic flow regulation / EN14175 standard

  • Development of a machine involved in the recycling of photovoltaic panels

  • Development of a laminar flow enclosure…

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can send you a quote for your project.