ProSys invents, designs & produces megasonic systems for advanced wet process technology markets.

With the ProSys megasonic systems & technology you will be able to lean contamination-sensitive products quickly, safely, effectively & improve PRE – Increase the kinetics for processes that depend on chemical reactions – Capture real-time data that identifies process improvement opportunities & predict preventative maintenance – Reduce process cycle time for cleaning and reaction kinetics.




Megasonic cleaning can be used for :
  • FEOL and BEOL cleaning
  • Post CMP cleaning and polishing
  • Thick resins like SU-8
  • Glue particle removing
  • LIGA/MEMS process improvement
  • Cleaning of solar cells during manufacturing process
  • Hard disk cleaning
  • Various parts cleaning (quartz, fabric, …)
  • Everywhere where quality and fast process cycle are needed.
What is Megasonic technology ?

ProSys megasonic transducers can be adapted on unit process equipment or on Wet Benches. The solutions offered by our supplier B4C Cleaning can incorporate ProSys megasonic transducers.

Particularly suitable for cleaning cavities in MEMs, this technology can also be used for contamination resistant to conventional processes. Megasonic cleaning uses the inverse piezoelectric effect to remove submicron particles from substrates.

A piezoelectric crystal is excited at high frequency thus creating a vibration. This vibration generates an acoustic wave which is transmitted via a cleaning fluid, thus producing controlled cavitation. As the wave passes over the object’s surface, it loosens particles from the material being processed.

The cavitation creates a flow carrying away the impurities and preventing them from sticking again to the material being cleaned.


Specifications & advantages of ProSys transducers

The manufacturing method of transducers, covered by numerous patents, provides ProSys equipment with unmatched cleaning quality, service life and reliability.

Assembly between the resonator and the patented crystal (without adhesive).
Directly and uniformly applied acoustic energy (proven by measurements).
RF connections patented by springs and an RF printed circuit (No solder joint that can break, no hot spots on the crystal).
The material of the resonator is neutral. It will not add particles to the process
Compatible with all chemicals (depending on the materials used)
No moving parts
No consumables (Better functioning than a brush)
No liquid cooling necessary (space saving and ease of integration implementation )
Less RF energy required for the same energy level in the process fluid (up to 8.3dB difference)
Compatible with existing tanks.

transducteurs prosys

transducteurs prosys

transducteurs prosys

MEGPIE©, Single Wafer

MegPie™ can be used for single wafer processing on all type of spinners .

The megasonic transducer is placed on an arm having a Z adjustable position.

Apart of having room to install the wafer on the chuck, there is no need to have a lateral movement of the arm on the machine.

Because of the shape of the transducer as a “pie slice”, MegPie© will be as efficient in the centre as on the periphery of the wafer (uniform power distribution).

ProSys megasonic transducer can process wafers up to 450mm diameter.

The chemicals present between the megasonic transducer and the wafer transmits megasonic waves. This reduces the required quantity of chemicals, and increases flexibility. Various processes can be handled on the same equipment.


MEG-BAR, in Line Conveyors

Mainly used for cleaning solar cells and mechanical parts, the “In Line” solution provided by MegBarTM allows to clean any kind of pieces positioned on conveyors.

The ProSys megasonic transducer can be immersed or placed above the parts to be cleaned.

Baths, Batch of Wafers in Cassettes

In this process, the megasonic transducer is positioned at the bottom of the tank, parts or substrates to be cleaned are immersed vertically in the cleaning liquid.

The shape and size of the megasonic transducers may be adapted to the equipment on which they have to be integrated.
Integration into a manual or automatic WetBench is easily made by the fact that it is not necessary to provide a water cooling.

The megasonic transducer material can be adapted to the chemicals used for the process.


Peritest is the ProSys representative for France

avantages des transducteurs PROSYS