Maintenance contract

Any company uses a maintenance service in order to prevent risks and failures and, if necessary, repair failures. This agreement governs the professional relations between PERITEST and its client, and thus offers a guarantee in the event of a dispute.

A maintenance contract will either be offered to PERITEST if our customer is in the habit of submitting their maintenance contract to his service provider, or a maintenance contract will be offered by PERITEST, if the customer prefers. This will target it then, after having made some modifications which may be necessary according to the tasks required.

However, there are several types of maintenance that must be specified in the contract: preventive and curative maintenance, the first aimed at diagnosing potential mechanical/electrical  or IT damage, the second serving as troubleshooting and repair.

Before choosing one type of contract or another, it will be necessary to bear in mind several criteria, including the area of intervention. Then, it will be necessary to carry out a first diagnosis of the operating state of industrial equipment, machines, of the production line, if there is one or the software. For all this, our customer must know the initial “state” of the equipment concerned, its future conditions of use, and any available maintenance indicators, etc…

Finally, our client will have to define a well-established maintenance policy, based on risks and costs analysis, as deciding for maintenance operations sometimes requiring a temporary shutdown of the production line.