Models ILR400 – ILR500

The design of the Ultra-t Equipment Company (UtE) Model ILR400 In-line D.I.

Water Reioniser System is based on the latest technological developments in its field. It features straightforward and user friendly controls that allow versatility in application of the pure water process. The Model ILR400 reioniser is made up of several components that measures the quantity of fluids in the system. The system consists of a white polypropylene cabinet with two compression connections for the fluid input and output and a 1/4″ compression drain line.

Two compression bulkhead fittings are provided for CO2 and nitrogen.

The system includes three adjustable pressure regulators and gauges for water, nitrogen and CO2. The CO2 passes from the regulator to a two way 24vdc valve and then to a one way check valve to ensure against no back flow of water. The water passes through a one way check valve, a regulator-gauge and a shutoff valve. The water then flows through an injector, where the CO2 and water are mixed. It then passes through a bubble trap to ensure that all traces of undissolved CO2 gas are removed from the reionised water. The nitrogen gas is used to activate several solenoids and as a line purge when the system is idle for extended periods.

Other reioniser models are available. Contact us for more details.

Peritest is the Ultra-t representative in France.