Manipulators and trolleys for testers

Manipulators and trolleys are mainly used in the field of testing to position the tester’s head in relation to other equipment, handler or prober, with an accuracy of a few tenths of a millimetre.

Test head manipulators

Manipulators created by Turbodynamics meet these requirements and are designed to provide unparalleled ease of use. Combined with the P-Dock (R) patented by Turbodynamics, these systems allow the rapid positioning and attachment of the tester head to the handler or prober.

Turbodynamics offers a whole range of manipulators depending on the weight of the test heads and the movements to be performed: 120, 250, 400, 450, 500 kg

Flexible, compact and economical design
The one or two arm solution allows rotation up to 240 °.
Adaptation of all the main test heads on the market.
Rotation column
Dynamic cable management
Locking the test head in all positions
Convenient adjustment of the head support fork.


Handling trolleys

Turbodynamics trolleys, by virtue of their mobility, allow easy and rapid positioning of the test head opposite the prober or handler.

Their design makes them mobile and space-saving equipment.

The series of trolleys known as the “Tiger” can move test heads from 100kg to 500kg.

Optionally the movements of the arms and the trolley itself can be motorised, making the equipment very easy to use, even with heavy loads.

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